Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Governor Carter From Georgia Coming?

It looks like Georgia's burgeoning Democratic voters might be ready to put another Carter in the governor's chair, Jimmy's grandson Jason has a significant lead in the latest local polling there.

An exclusive Channel 2 Action News poll indicates if the election were held today, Georgia could have a new governor. 
The poll conducted by Landmark Communications on July 15 found Democratic challenger Jason Carter with a seven-point lead over Republican incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal. 
Carter received 48.7 percent in the poll and Deal received 41.3 percent. Libertarian Andew Hunt received 4 percent of the vote in the poll. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.

Andrew Hunt is definitely hurting Republican Gov. Nathan Deal, and that could very well mean Carter can pull this off.   And where Carter is winning?  African-American voters, and women.

The poll comes just after new developments in the ethics investigation into Deal, and it could have cost him support according to Channel 2 political analyst Bill Crane. 
“This is definite cause for pause and concern for a governor who probably a year ago didn’t have any serious Democrats who were running and now obviously are in a position to knock him out of his seat,” Crane told Channel 2’s Lori Geary. 
Deal has a nine-point lead in men but women support Carter by a nearly 2-to-1 margin.

Oh yes, did I mention yet another corrupt Republican governor is under investigation?

The Georgia governor's race was roiled this week by new revelations in a long-standing ethics investigation of the incumbent, Republican Nathan Deal. 
His opponent, State Sen. Jason Carter, a Democrat, says that a newly-revealed memo, in which the head of the state ethics commission claimed an attorney for Deal threatened her agency while it was investigating complaints against the governor, shows a "pattern of intimidation and interference on the part of the governor's office."

If that's true, and Deal's legal team is threatening investigators, Gov. Deal is a Done Deal.

Stay tuned.  Corrupt Republican governors are going to get tossed like trash in November.

What Domestic Terrorism Problem? Con't

We certainly don't have a right-wing, anti-government domestic terrorism problem with nutjobs who are willing to bomb and kill people or anything, because as we all know, all terrorists are brown dudes with funny religions, and certainly not middle-aged white guys in Utah.

A joint investigation between local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has led to the arrest of a man they say threatened to bomb several targets, including the Tremonton Police Department in order to instigate an uprising against the government
John Huggins, 47, was under surveillance by the FBI after an anonymous tip came into local police that he was planning to blow up his Bible study group. Police say they learned that he was allegedly planning to blow up the police department along with several bridges and infrastructure points to prevent assistance from showing up, according to court documents.
Huggins had allegedly targeted two police officers to kill before initiating his plan. 
Police say Huggins goal was to get the community to rise up in defiance of the government.

Wait a minute, FBI surveillance?  Bible study group?  Killing cops?  Revolution? Why, that would make this guy a Christian, planning to kill Christians, and an American citizen, planning to kill other American citizens. But that can't be the case because right-wing domestic terrorists are a myth created by the Obama administration's use of flouride and chemtrails.

By the way, this happened last weekend, but you didn't hear about it because John Huggins can't possibly be a newsworthy terrorist because his name isn't Mohammed.  A Muslim plotting to kill two cops and a Bible study group would have made national headlines for the last five days and endless hours of talking head chatter on the cable news shows.

Instead, this guy just doesn't exist unless you happened to read the Ogden Standard-Examiner, because he's a right-wing, white, Christian terrorist, and we can't allow Americans to know those exist.


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